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Your business is unique and ever-changing, and therefore will face unique and ever-changing problems. Our team utilizes the firm’s 35+ years of experience across a wide array of industries to help develop, analyze and execute solutions. Garritano helps capture and protect crucial business data so it can be compiled and presented in a way it can be useful for our business owners to make informed decisions. We work with and help assemble teams of professionals to give you the representation and service you need.

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Tax and Accounting

Now more than ever, businesses must be vigilant in keeping on top of the everchanging tax and accounting landscape. Our seasoned professionals will work directly with you to develop tax and accounting strategies designed to minimize your tax liabilities and maintain a set of financial statements that you are confident in.

Back Office Support

Your accounting department requires a wide variety of skills and comprehension to keep your business operations running smoothly. Many small and medium sized businesses suffer from gaps in their accounting and support functions. Garritano provides outsourced solutions to assist with the day-to-day functions of bookkeeping, record keeping, bill pay, vendor management, and so much more.

Human Resource Support

The task of managing the human resource function for small to mid-sized businesses has continued to be more complex and more important than ever before. Our team can assist in building procedures and maintaining records for employee onboarding/offboarding, benefit administration, and other critical information. We also offer consulting services for employee handbook and accounting policies that can help protect you as you continue to grow.

Financial Insights

Our team will implement systems to capture, organize, and present critical business information to assist you in making powerful decisions. We understand that every business is unique. This is why our team works closely with our clients to ensure that we build customized solutions to fit every need.

Diamond CFO Services

Garritano's Diamond CFO services provide you with your own personal financial champion. Our clients can feel empowered while working on a potential merger or acquisition, investigating new opportunities, evaluation compensation strategies for key employees, and other high level business situations. We will aggressively represent your interests by maximizing your opportunities and mitigating risks.