Build Your Wealth

Garritano works as your personal financial champion. We assist you to analyze your opportunities and identify potential threats. We are here to help you build true wealth for you and your family.

Tax Planning and Preparation

Our dedicated tax professionals help clients comply with complex federal and multistate filing and reporting requirements. We identify and maximize tax-saving opportunities across these jurisdictions. Our tax specialists take pride in offering advice and guidance in a highly personalized manner.

Personal Financial Coaching

As your wealth increases, so do financial complexities and wealth-maximizing opportunities. We listen to you, to understand your entire financial picture as well as your priorities, values, and goals. Knowing who you are allows us to support and guide you so that you can enjoy peace of mind. We are here to assist you with family planning, estate planning, succession planning, and more.

Financial Management

Managing your multi-faceted financial life can be daunting and time-consuming. Our team is available to assist you in this complex realm by interfacing with your attorneys, financial advisors, vendors, and other professionals as a singular point of contact. We can assist with research, bill pay, financing, and more.

Wealth Transfer Planning

After a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice, what will happen to your legacy when you are gone? Whether you plan to pass it along to your family and friends, or to your favorite charity, effective planning is crucial. We stand with you through these difficult and uncomfortable conversations, embracing your unique situation and helping you and your family to save money and minimize conflict.