Samantha Bongiorno

Senior Staff Accountant

Major Practice Areas

Back Office Support | Bookkeeping | Cash Flow Management | Compliance | Financial Management | Financial Reporting | Research | Tax & Accounting

Outside of Work

Die Hard Fan of

The NY Rangers

Causes Close to My Heart

Garden of Dreams

Early Bird or Night Owl

Night Owl

Where I Go to Relax

The Beaches of Montauk
Out Fishing

About Sam

Samantha Bongiorno joined the Garritano team in 2012 as an administrative assistant. With her strong work ethic and innate talents, Sam quickly advanced to become a valuable member of the accounting team. Now, as a Senior Staff Accountant, Sam works with individuals and businesses to make better decisions through more thorough and complete information. Sam leads by example as she pushes herself and her team towards excellence. Her ability to ask the right questions, research, and think about the big picture has earned her continued respect amongst her team and her clients.

Questions & Answers

What is your most memorable Garritano moment?

My most memorable Garritano moment has to be when I was having a nerf fight with my coworkers after a long tax season. A rogue dart fell on the floor and me and Maureen raced for it. Let's just say I won.

What have you done or achieved that you are most proud of and why?

One of my greatest decisions was deciding to go back to school and earn my master's degree in accounting. It was difficult going to school full-time and still working full-time during tax season, but I am very proud of what I accomplished.

How would your life change if you wont the lottery tomorrow?

If I won the lottery tomorrow I would own my dream home on the Montauk bluffs, buy a boat, and fish every day!